Video is here to stay!

And we want to understand what’s happening in the world and why.

Verso is an AI-experiment with computer vision software to monitor any type of media (TV, YouTube, Instagram, cams) and analyze the impact. Our goal is to discover patterns of how the messages spread across all platforms. We called the project VERSO because it aims to show what relative difference there is between world leaders by their TV coverage. Since we have just started to experiment with AI some data may not be representative.

HOW WE MEASURE: We monitor TV channels to find people of interest. Our system takes snapshots of every covered channel at the rate of one per second. All detected faces then go through the computer vision processing tool to see if there is a target person. Thanks to the Russian math school, our algorithms are able to tell in a matter of milliseconds if a person on screen is the one from the list, even when image is blurred or face - turned away. Thus stats that we show are real-time. The points you see in front of each political figure equal the amount of times one was detected on screen; the percentage figures show one’s share among all the people analysed.

Reach us at hello@verso.to